Anyone know what the Utah section of the Coliseum is? Last minute road trip and want to sit by Ute fans but there aren't any tickets through the ticket office

Thanks in advance.

Shasta, you’ll want to verify this, but this is what the Google Machine told me:

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@RockerUte’s posting above matches with my experience in the Coliseum, although I was only there for the 2017 game, I would add that the seats are horrible, and that I although I always prefer to sit with other Ute fans, I vowed on that occasion to buy good seats if I go again.


I can’t imagine a worse seating section for a football game.


I sat in section 300B for an Eagles Rams game a few years back and the view is terrible. I know you want to sit next to Ute fans but maybe just once get a better seat.


Honestly, I’d go to LA, go to the Utah tailgate, and then go back to my hotel to watch a game on the television before sitting in that section again.

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The visitor section is in Inglewood on purpose. You can all thank the Dirty Hippies for that. By the 3rd quarter you’ll be able to sit wherever you want. Sooner if you’re winning.


Best thing to do is get an idea of where the good seats are in the Coliseum, then buy some of those from a scalper. There are always tickets available. Just make sure you get good ones. You’ll enjoy the game a lot more if you’re not sitting in those awful visitor seats.

Don’t get stuck in the those ridiculous seats closer to San Bernardino than the actual field, east of the end zone section.

It’s a throwaway season for the Trojans, so move to the SW corner, the SE corner, get to where our team can hear you!