Anyone know the status of TJ Green

I thought we would see more of him this year. Dude has some wheels. Plus we snuck in and got him from Herm.

Back in August, there was some discussion on UteHub about a possible knee injury, but an apparent insider said then that it was nothing serious.

He has had six carries this year. One against Northern Illinois for -2 yards, and five against Idaho State for 18 yards. One of those carries against Idaho State was for 13 yards, so most of his runs have been for very little (or negative) yards. You can see his official stats here:

Perhaps an injury has hampered him. With Moss coming back and Henry-Cole, Brumfield, and Wilmore in play, he might have trouble getting playing time.

His injury in camp set him back a couple of weeks and he is now buried at the bottom of the depth chart. Physically he is fine.

I thought I heard they were going to try and use him more in a receiver role but he faces the same problem of being at the bottom of a deep pool of talent at either position.