Anyone have a recommendation for a simple WIFI security camera?

I need to replace the Amcrest Camera in my mother’s Memory Care room, as it is not possible to configure the one she currently has with the WIFI setup on the new facility I recently moved her to.

I’d prefer a 5Ghz model, that does not require anything other than a simple WIFI name and password to setup, and has a simple iPhone monitoring app.

Any workable recommendations would be greatly appreciated - I need to buy and install one today.


I’ve used both Blink and Ring. I prefer the Ring for its live camera feed on demand but both are good.

You’re far less likely to find a 5Ghz one, the range issues with 5Ghz make it unfavorable for security cameras

I use Nest and Ring. I like both. Nest records everything, Ring takes snapshots unless triggered by an event.

Both are east to use.