Anyone else watching the Ravens-Browns game?

This has turned out to be a rather interesting game. 8 rushing touch downs, so far at the start of the 4th qtr.

Lamar Jackson is electric this game. Baker Mayfield has been streaky but fun to watch too.

Seems just when you think the defense is going stop someone, bam, not today.

What do you think about Browns going for two down 8? Never seen that before. But the analytics makes sense.

That was pretty cool. The catch to convert it was “holy crap, he caught it!!”

Sadly Jackson is in the locker room. Hope it’s nothing too serious.

They need to put Tyler Huntley in.

Is he active? Didn’t hear his name mentioned as available.

Maybe not. Wow Cleveland’s kicker looks nervous.

9 rushing touchdowns between the 2 teams, WOW!!

Damn, too bad Huntley isn’t active. 2nd string QB is terrible. Lamar Jackson back in, will play hurt.

Oh cow, this 4th qtr is fun to watch. I expected a defensive game. I was WRONG.

Lamar Jackson running out of locker room to immediately throw a TD pass was something.

wow, 55 yard kick to probably win the game for the Ravens. Wow!!!

lol, and a safety to end the game for a 5 point Raven win.

fun game to watch. I don’t care about either team but fun to watch.

QBs who take a dump during a game have an .857 win percentage.


Too bad Lamar Jackson didn’t use a wheel chair to get to the locker room like Paul Pierce did.

The announcer said something about Willis Reed…smh.

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Thanks, Wrubell.

“BYU has never lost a home game that started before noon on a Saturday when the temperature on the field was above 70º and their opponent was from sea level. Will that play a factor in today’s game and will BYU maintain that exceptional win streak?”

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Paul James back in the day before a game against Hawaii…

“The Cougars are 2-0 against teams whose quarterback has a name of a fruit. The Cougs looking to go 3-0 against Raphael Cherry today.”


I had to google that.

Yeah, I heard him once say that BYU had never lost a home game when the temperature on the field was above 70º. I wish I were making it up.