Anyone else think that the PAC 12 is wildly underrated as a basketball conference?

You’ve got Oregon at #11 with 4 losses and 3 other teams with 4 losses unranked. I think an argument could be made for any of those teams to be in the top 25. The NET rankings have all 4 of those in the top 20. What’s up, AP?

They have to make sure there’s room for all of the ACC teams.


Once the big dance starts is when the conference can how good/bad we are.

I’m always frustrated by the 1 year lag. AP is reacting to a poor March showing last year while ignoring a pretty damn good OOC performance this year. They always seem to do this. I remember even back in the 90s when we would be ranked fairly accurately one year because we went deep in the tourney the year before, and completely underrated in other years because we of an early exit or an NIT appearance. I can comfortably say our basketball team has NEVER been overrated. Not sure I can say same for football.

Possibly. That depends on how many teams actually get in and what the seeds are.

Bracketology shows PAC12 with 5 teams in right now (the one on ESPN) with no one on the bubble (last 4 in or first 4 out).

Colorado is ranked #20, so there are two teams. I’m not sure who else y’all think should be ranked. USC, Stanford, Arizona? What ranked teams should they replace?

I don’t know if the NET rankings are really supposed to be indicative of much yet. They tend to get more accurate as the season progresses. Sagarin has only two Pac-12 teams in the top 25. Kenpom has three.

Oregon was ranked 4th when they played the Utes in the Hunty. I wasn’t impressed.