Any NFL Teams have more former Utes than the Rams?

With the late signing, the Rams now have Weddle, Burgess, and Matt Gay. Any NFL teams have 3 or more former Utes?

I don’t think so. I can think of a couple of teams have two former Utes (Bills and Cardinals)

There are 7 teams with 2 players but the Rams are the only one with three by adding Weddle.

I missed the game, how did Weddle do?

he played like he was retired. :slightly_smiling_face:

He didn’t make any tackles that I noticed. I don’t think they ever threw his way either (although the Cardinals were so bad last night I’m not sure you could tell)

Does anyone know if he’ll be with the team this Sunday or will the other safety be healthy enough to play?

To be fair though it wasn’t like Kyler had time to throw. The Rams D destroyed that Pass Protection.

I think this tweet should tell you and look at that hat:

They never threw the ball near him but Brady will.


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