Another undefeated about to go down

Oklahoma getting taken to the woodshed makes the road to a playoff berth slightly more plausible. Ya never know.

Oklahoma can pretty easily come back still. Hoping Kstate doesn’t melt down

They were down 25 points in the fourth quarter when I posted this, and I was about to laugh at you, but I just looked back up and it’s suddenly a ten point game with 5+ minutes left to play. If they pull off this comeback I’d think that puts Hurts squarely in the Heisman driver’s seat.

Kstate acting like they already won. Defense easing off. Bad play calling and tackling. It’s like they are remembering they are still Kstate

Well this just got super interesting.

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Yep! I was hoping for some chaos in the top 10 this week, particularly among the unbeatens. Wish granted. I suppose that helps a little with my disappointment over USC’s win. (But not much. They still need to lose one or two.)