Andy Ludwig to the bank to cash his Utah Check!

With UW’s OC passing on the Alabama OC job Andy Ludwig’s name is being tossed around as the next target. No specific insight but I would be happy to have him over many of the guys listed here:

Really hope he stays. I haven’t always said that in the past but I’m older and wiser now. :grimacing:


Didn’t he grow up in Utah? I would think that combined with Whit has got to be better to work for than Saban so hopefully he sticks around.

It wouldn’t be his first stint in the SEC. I think staying in Utah would be appealing if you are from Utah but one thing about working with Saban it offers opportunities after putting in a couple of years. The last three (over the past 10 seasons) OCs are now OC in NFL, HC at Power 5, and HC at Power 5. Some have become NFL HCs and others P5 HCs. It’s not a dead-end job. Just depends on what dream you are chasing.

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Yeah, those are good points. I hope he stays here.

The real question I have is he an option for replacing Whitt in the long run?

Andy went to high school in Ogden, played at Snow College and then at Oregon St. I don’t believe he has ever aspired to be a head coach and I think he is very content and comfortable at Utah.


I doubt his current offense would fit at Alabama. Saban got rid of the TE jeavy, run heavy offense when he hired Kiffin in 2014. Did Andy run a more wide open offense at Vandy?

Our offense just suffered slow ball Bill O. So, no telling what our identity really is right now. We have a bunch of 4 and 5 * athletes. Under Mason at Vandy it was hard to tell what they were trying to do because of the talent disparity between the Commodores and most of the SEC.

I know LSU’s old OC Brady and Lebby at Oklahoma are also top of the list with him so who knows. I think content and comfortable are relative.

Maybe Saban should hire me. I have no experience coaching or coordinating an offense; but I know four plays from my McBride Era fandom…

Tackle dive left
Tackle dive right

What do you think? Do I have a chance? :joy:


He ran a more wide receiver friendly offense here when we had Freddy Brown, David Reed, John Madsen, Travis Letendresse and Casteel.


When Ludwig came back to Utah, he did an interview on a local radio sports talk show, and talked about how he was thrilled to come back to Utah, to work with Whit again, and that he expected/hoped this would be his last career stop. Whit also casually comment about this to be his last OC hire

Coaches are not always perfectly forthcoming when it comes to career discussions like this, sometimes saying what they think the market/administration wants to hear.
Also, in this business, things change literally from year to year, if not month to month, and opportunities that you never expected occasionally come up, so you never really know what to expect.

That said, I would guess that he and Whit will retire at the same time. I just hope that’s not soon.


replace Alabama with Notre Dame

I’d have Brian Johnson on speed dial. It would be a horse race to determine which of the two coordinators replace Whitt.


hmmmm, that doesnt look good

Good teams lose coordinators. Not really a bad thing. May also give an opportunity to bring in fresh blood and new eyes to see deficiency in the offense.

I dont disagree with that, but we’ve had a revolving door at OC until Ludwig. Whitt’s teams have been there best with Andy


Didn’t most get HC jobs?


Roderick was out of football for a little while and is now OC at BYU

Brian Johnson took a demotion as a college QB ciach and is now a QB coach with the Eagles

Troy Taylor took the head coaching job at Sacramento State

Ludwig has been Whit’s best OC. This isn’t good.