Andre Miller interview (old)

Still my favorite MBB Ute. So smart. So humble.

I also remember when he was sued by an ex-teammate, with whom I almost had a fight in HPER while playing pick-up ball. haha

My favorite too ! KVH is a close 2nd


My brother and played a game of pool against Keith at Lumpys, he was awful. Nice guy though.


Mike McCoy served me a Sprite at Lumpys.

I was there with some coworkers to watch the Utes play a mid day game in the first round of the NCAA tournament. It was back when McCoy was trying to make it in the NFL, he was working at Lumpys in the off season. Once he became the Chargers coach I loved to tell my kids an NFL head coach served me a Sprite.


What’s this now? I was a dedicated STH at the time, read everything and watched everything. I have never heard about this.

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Brandon Jesse


OK, wow, lost that memory a long time ago. Thanks.

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I remember it well because of my almost-fisticuff with Brandon Jesse. Then, when I read about the lawsuit, I just thought “what a POS”.