And the hits just keep on comin'

We’re going to be fine.

Wish him well. Sending good players to the NFL is good for the U.


Outside of the playoffs these bowl games are a money grab for ESPn and a chance to practice a few more weeks. The structure had been broken for a long time.

The kids going to the NFL have no reason to risk millions for a few minutes of heroics on the pasta bowl or whatever. Of course I want to Utes to win but with NIL transfers and the NFL bowls in CF are about like the Allstar game.

Give it a few more years dn college will turn half of them into flag football games too.

Not happy about it but it’s all a symptom of a much larger problem.

Hope Bishop tears it up in the NFL and makes bank at a level that is at least honest about what it is.


I wish Cole the best in his next adventure.


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Not unexpected. Something tells me Sione, like Cole, will be a higher round draft pick. Losing them before a bowl game sucks; but given the bowl game isn’t a grandaddy bowl or a playoff bowl, it’s easy to understand going now.

Best of luck to him and his family.


just saw a tweet that showed both Bishop and Vaki were 3 star recruits. This staff does such an amazing job developing defensive guys in such a short time.


Wasn’t Weddle a two star?


I don’t follow it very closely, but a couple sites I saw had Bishop as a 5th or 6th round pick.

Google-fu is failing me in trying to find projections for Vaki.

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Losing guys to the NFL is a good thing, in the long run.


Next man up.


Fully agree.

But as someone who has exactly zero interest in the NFL, I selfishly wish we’d get the chance to see them play at Utah for longer.


If a underclass man declares for the NBA draft they can go back to college if they change their mind. I believe that’s also true in college baseball. I wonder why it’s different when a players declares for the NFL draft?


Bad news for us Ute fans, but it’s a lot better than if Vaki were transferring to USC, Oregon or byu, like the rumors suggested. I suppose if he doesn’t hire an agent he can always return.