And the AP poll puts us at #8

I’d bet Oklahoma leapfrogs is during our bye. Then again, only the CFP rankings matter after Tuesday.

So this is our highest AP ranking since when? (C’mon nerdy stats guys, I’m looking at you). And when is the last time we were in the top 10 for multiple weeks?

I’m happy where the Utes are at #8, but I am a bit disappointed that George, a SEC team, moved over Oregon. I really want the SEC to lose.

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  1. Spent four consecutive weeks in the top 10, reaching as high as #3 before the 42-24 monstrosity at the Coliseum
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They could jump us, unless they lose to Iowa State. :slightly_smiling_face: They have a fairly tough stretch ahead, including Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma State. I could see them dropping a game before the end of the regular season. I’d love to see them beat Baylor but lose a game or two against Iowa State, TCU, and Oklahoma State.

Looks like the pollsters ranked the Utes from 6th to 12th on their ballots.

According to that site, one pollster named Mark Whicker has a historical bias against Utah and a couple other teams, and sure enough, he gave the Utes their lowest rank this week as well.

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Great post… I also found it interesting that our 2 lowest votes came from west coast sources. I often blame east coast bias, but writers from the LA Times and San Jose Mercury News gave us our lowest rankings. I’m still somewhat optimistic since there are a few upcoming games between teams both ranked higher than us.

Rat Poison.

And the CFP Committee puts us at #8, too. Go UTES!

But by putting Georgia ahead of both Oregon and Utah, they’ve pretty much signaled that there will be two SEC teams in this year. Them and Penitentiary State are just the ladies in waiting.

Maybe, but I’m not so sure. LSU and Alabama play this week, so one of them should drop out of the top 4, particularly if LSU wins (as I suspect they will). I think if Alabama loses they will drop at least two or three spots. They haven’t played the toughest schedule, and I think their being ranked third signals that they are not heavily favored by the committee. LSU just might be good enough to clear off the rest of the SEC table, assuming they win out and end up SEC champs.

As for Penn State, they still have to play Ohio State during the regular season, and I think they will probably lose that game. If they do, I think they drop out of contention for the CFP.

It’s all speculation, of course, but I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that the SEC gets two teams in. I think there is probably some desire to see the CFP expand a little to include more of the country. By putting Oregon and Utah at #7 and #8, I think the committee is positioning one of them to get in, assuming, of course, that one of them wins out and ends up PAC-12 champs (and one or two of the circumstances outlined above takes place). For my part, I’ll take the Utes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re right, a couple will fall out because of head-to-head losses. But that’s why I made the comment that Georgia and Clemson (I mistakenly said Pen State above) are waiting to slide into their spots. Bama’s loss to LSU won’t drop them lower than 6th.

And it sickens me that Pen State is even in a national conversation. I hope they lose to both Ohio State and Minnesota.

At the end of the day, I think the PAC 12 champ this year is on the outside looking in, used as further argument for expansion. I hope I’m wrong, and I’ll keep holding out hope until December.

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Bama’s loss to LSU? We hear this every year.


True, but this year . . .

Weird to say this but Steve Sarkisian has been on fire with play calling. Our defense can stop them enough.

You might be right. As for Clemson, it is probably a long shot, but they could drop a game to Wake, South Carolina, or, potentially, Virginia in their conference championship. I think a single loss and Clemson is out. Their being placed at #5 signals that there is no room for any error and that they will have to depend on other teams stumbling.

No doubt Bama is good. But streaks are meant to be broken! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m always rooting for LSU to best Bamma

Keep it up. It’s working.