And snow it begins

about 2 inches on the ground so far and snowing hard.

On one hand I’d love a repeat of last year, but on the other I’m not sure my back has fully healed.

Right now it’s a Wasatch track storm, sort of skipping Magna and the lake effect shadow zone, animing its energy straight to Big and Little Cottonwood.


Got a skiff at my house. They say 1-2 inches by Sunday then it all melts off and the air turns putrid again. I’d rather have 2 feet and have to shovel every day than have the smog back.


Eight inches yesterday. It will probably be around 15" by Monday evening.

Dusted yesterday…burned off this morning. Oquirrhs are full of snow.

I would sincerely love a repeat of last year, back be damned :slight_smile: