An investigation? This will be a little bigger than an audit by the state legislature

If you don’t have a subscription, here is an excerpt:

The U.S. Department of Education has launched an investigation into Brigham Young University and how it disciplines its LGBTQ students to determine whether the private religious school is violating their civil rights.

This type of federal scrutiny is surprising and rare, especially with church-owned schools like BYU — it typically happens only in places where there are believed to be potential systemic or serious issues.

“It’s really significant that investigators are stepping in now,” said Michael Austin, a BYU alumnus and vice president at the University of Evansville, a private Methodist school in Indiana. “It means there’s some reason to think the university has gone beyond the religious exemptions it has and is discriminating even beyond those.”

At the time, the university had removed a controversial section from the rules that banned “homosexual behavior.” Some students celebrated, openly coming out as queer after, they said, school officials told them it was OK. But a few weeks later, the school clarified that same-sex partnerships would still be prohibited, even if the ban was no longer expressly written.

Those who act against that instruction by holding hands or kissing, according to administrators, could continue to face discipline. LGBTQ students protested, saying they felt gaslit and tricked into coming out.

The investigation, headed by the Office of Civil Rights within the Department of Education, will examine whether such actions by BYU are allowable because it is a private school or if they violate LGBTQ students’ rights, by disciplining them more harshly than heterosexual peers who don’t face the same consequences for similar romantic behaviors.

Good luck Big 12 dealing with all the baggage.

I would have thought the Big 12 knew about all the baggage when they invited them. But maybe not. Maybe they just looked at football scores from this year.


This is going to certainly amp the persecution complex up another 50 notches or so.


Desperation makes you do crazy things.


How long before the Utah Legislature audits the Univ of Utah in retaliation? Similar to how we joke about Northern Arizona getting NCAA penalties for U of pAy issues.

I’m only half joking, and half serious.

For the sake of the students at BYU, I hope this gets settled quickly and justly for all parties.

This is of some interest to me, because I had a roommate in the early '90s who had dropped out of BYU because of his sexuality. I hope he’s doing well. I haven’t seen him in years. He was one of the nicest people I ever knew. I remember the day he told me that he was gay. He was so scared I’d be mad or mean. I just told him that it didn’t matter to me, and that he was ok by me. Sadly, we lost touch after I moved away.

So, anyway, time for BYU to treat all of its students equally, regardless of sexuality, color of skin, what their ethnicity is.


I am surprised there is an audit at alll because of their private institution status. Figured it required a criminal complaint.

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There are a lot more people now unwilling to put up with the abuse they seem to feel their religion entitles them to. Even in a private school you arent allowed to have differential punishment, etc. If hand holding/public display of affection/etc is wrong for queer folks, it’s wrong FOR EVERYONE, etc. Their selective oppression via such bullspit against LGBTQ+ folks will now be exposed for the screaming hypocrisy it is.


and of course, it does fall under sexual discrimination, becuase they are targeting the people because of their physical sex (it;s basically saying that a man can kiss a woman, but a man cant kiss another man, thereby discriminating against both men).


“Worthen told the OCR that the university welcomes LGBTQ students and requires that they and all others follow the voluntary Honor Code.”

lol - amusing verbiage, at a minimum.

BYU responds to federal investigation of its LGBTQ policies - Deseret News


"The BYU investigation is one of more than 1,400 ongoing investigations at U.S. schools and is based on a March 2020 complaint.

“Neither the complaint nor OCR’s letter identifies any provision or specific requirement under Title IX that BYU is allegedly violating"

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I see some buyer’s remorse in their future.


Glancing at CB every once in a while, wow… there’s no love lost between BYU nation to the WCC schools. (And those schools are all religious!)

Prediction - the love affair in the B12 will start to sour in less than 3 years. Maybe less than 2 years.


you maybe right, but it is still rural Texas-centric conference. Provo fits right in with that

the Big XII is not the PAC12 or the B1G/ACC. Baylor seems to have navigated those Big XII waters with their religious peculiarities and scandals and somehow flourished athletically?


I give it one full academic year.

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This is probably the correct answer - usually one interaction with their fanbase and…


Looking back, TCU and Baylor have had their own challenges made public regarding LGBTQQ treatment occurring on their campuses, and still do. Maybe they are just a little further into possible reforms (though I doubt it).

The reality is society as a whole has a long way to go on accepting diversity and inclusion. Some just have a lot longer road to travel.

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They have absolutely no idea what they are getting.