An excellent point about our overtime win over BYU

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David Perry And isn’t this the part they are missing? They got beat by a team with 11 freshman, 3 sophomores and one JC transfer. Childs, Haws, Toolsen, Nixon AND Seljaas are ALL seniors. There were points in the game where ALL five seniors were on the court against Allen, Gach, Jones, Jantunen and Brenchley… 2 sophs and 3 freshmen. Kinda embarassing for them, I think.

It’s no surprise they’re looking for excuses.

No, no, no you got that lineup wrong. It was 2 sophs, 3 freshmen, 7 officials, Larry’s goatee, an angry dad and apparently some guy in suspenders.


And then trying to make a shot through all of the bear being sprayed at them.


And Yoeli’s cramps. Don’t forget Yoeli’s cramps. Without those they “win by double digits”, or so I’ve been told.


Mark Pope made the mature move as an NCAA D1 coach and blamed the officials. Im sure he will continue to hold the officials accountable when he doesn’t get the calls and loses games.


Of course he will. He’ll hold everyone accountable at all times. I heard he started by holding that one 28 year old tool, sorry Toolson on his team accountable for yelling at Coaches during the game.

He did do that right…? He wouldn’t be like Rose and just let his players run off doing/saying whatever “the F” they want including to the other team’s Coaches. That’d be insane and unlike the basic standard of decorum most Coaches/Institutions understand to be unacceptable. Fine young men that they are.


I get goosebumps every time I remember that we have scoreboard on them in both b-ball and football. It’s beyond satisfying. I think that trend may continue.

Mark Pope is a tool.


In a way, I’m happier about the basketball victory. In football, we were expected to win (by everyone except zoobs), but in basketball it was totally unexpected.


It was especially delicious.


Add to that: Women’s basketball team beat byu-provo, and so did the volleyball team in the NCAA tournament. But, according to zoobs, they still have the superior athletic program…


Random question: Does that Deseret First Duel thing still exist, or did it finally and rightfully get the axe?


I believe the “Duel” got the axe. I would guess that some butthurt school was tired of losing it every year.


Deseret First Credit Union is a sponsor of tds-p athletics. It seems they were tired of paying out more money to Utah athletics for our wins over their school.

It must have seemed like a good idea at first because it provided a way to tie tds-p to Utah’s successes. But it backfired when Utah started to win every year, and with it the associated money.

Now if only tds-p itself would tire of losing to Utah every year and free us of any obligation to play them every year, at least in football and basketball.


Not only that, but I’m sure more than one person did the math on how byu could win the idiotic thing because they “do so well in Olympic sports”.

Try again.

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The matches have proved to be so intensive and compelling that in 2008 Deseret First Credit Union decided to sponsor the matches between the two schools, with the winning school being award a trophy at the end of each year. The event awards points for each head-to-head winner of the two schools across 12 sports: football, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s swimming, women’s gymnastics, men’s and women’s tennis, baseball, softball, women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. These 12 sports encompass the Deseret First Duel. The schools face off in regular season matches. The winner of each match is awarded 3 points as part of the Deseret First Duel scoring system, with the exception of football and men’s basketball, where the winner gets 10 points.[11] (The point system was altered prior to 2017, giving basketball winners just 3 points and football winners just 5 points.) Since the conception of the duel in 2008, Utah now leads the series, with seven titles to five for BYU. BYU won in 2008, and Utah won in 2009. Then the schools each won three years in a row, with BYU winning the title in 2010-2012, and Utah winning in 2013-2015. In 2016 and 2017, the two schools traded victories once again. Utah won again in 2018 and 2019, and has now won 6 of the last 7 Deseret Duel titles.[12]