America's Pastime

By the time you are 20, you should be transitioning from collecting stray baseballs hit into the stands to catching them and giving them to the kids.

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And I was going to invite you to a Dodgers game…

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No Freeway Series for you! Come back next year. :wink::wink:

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Thats former Ute CJ Cron


Found this on the Tweeter thingy. No I don’t use Twitter often, but was doing research for something else and it took me to Twitter.

I thought this was funny. Not sure when it was done, but I had to laugh out loud. And damn twitter makes is a PITA to embed a video.


Judge on the verge of history, and all you can post about is a stupid ex-Astro being a goofball.

I kid I kid… it’s cute.

Beautiful fall night at Smiths Ballpark. Bees last home game of the year is tomorrow.


Cal Raleigh’s walk-off homer to send the Mariners to the postseason for the first time in 21 years. Just…chills.


Imagine if it was Dave Niehaus who had the call.

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I saw a post on Facebook about Bobby Bonds and the fine career he had. The author, Who is apparently a baseball writer, commented that his son, Barry, was “the best player of his generation.” I should’ve just moved on, but I couldn’t resist responding that Barry will always have an * alongside his home run records (and probably other stats). I was surprised at the reaction that post got. Every day since, I’ve had seven or eight responses from outraged Barry Bonds fans. I’m not an expert on Barry, so I’d love to hear what others here think. Am I right that his statistics will always be tarnished?

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I liked watching Bonds just because when he was at the apex it was must-see TV. He was a great player who was obviously “enhanced”.

There’s a large group, maybe an entire era, that is tarnished. Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, Jose Conseco, Lenny Dykstra (who was pretty funny, as well), Roger Clemons. Who else? Will we ever know? The list could be very long.

Bonds got & gets a lot of derision because he was an abrasive personality, but with or without the juice, he was a truly great player. Very few people - regardless of strength - could do what he did. Maybe the current player who is at that level is Fernando Tatis, Jr, suspended for 80 games and not close to the dominant hitter Bonds was. Maybe when Bonds was a multi-year MVP with the Pirates… before the juicing starting.

Barry is still the lightning rod he was when he was playing. Nobody talks about Clemons or McGuire or anyone else, but Bonds can still garner strong emotions.

The fact that folks still get worked up over Bonds shows us just what an icon he was in the 'roid era. Like you said we can probably march through the line ups and find juiced players. That’s just the era. Cycling had it, IMO still has it but in a different form. But the numbers from baseball are so skewed that we can see the era in the stats, IIRC. Cycling has more riders who are at the top right now, so it appears cleaner, but who really knows.

Like Ma’ake said, it will always be tarnished for some fans. I talk a lot of baseball with people all over, and I get about 50/50 on tarnishment. Most sabermetricians you talk to will not consider the record tarnished.

They should create a wing in the Hall specifically discussing the ‘roid era in baseball, the great performances, and what happened later to those athletes who used the PED’s.

I am sure there are still players out there getting “juiced up.” Like COVID, PED’s are never going to go fully away. With today’s workout and diet regimens, top-caliber athletes shouldn’t even need them. When injured, the current recovery and rehabilitation regimens are light year ahead of where they were even 10 years ago. Compared to the 1980’s, it’s a completely different world.

In the end, these are just games. Clean gamesmanship and player safety should be the standard and expected.

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You gotta love it when they put up a stat for a team that immediately goes to hell.

They said that the Cards were 93-0 when leading by 2 or more runs in the 9th inning. They were winning 2-0 going into the 9th and lost 6-3.


Barry Bonds, when he first came up, could be seriously compared to Willie Mays. He was a true five skill guy. They’re a rarity. But he got obsessed with homers, and tarnished his own legacy in pursuit of home run records. I don’t have much sympathy for that stain.




“Greaseball, greaseball, greaseball, that’s all I throw him (Rod Carew), and he still hits them. He’s the only player in baseball who consistently hits my grease. He sees the ball so well, I guess he can pick out the dry side.”

–Gaylord Perry

Source: Newsweek (July 11, 1977)

Yea, but Gaylord had style. He’d lick and rub just about every body part before he threw a pitch.

I love his candor about what he was doing.