Am growing concerned about our new coaching staff


I agree. Good points.

it’s almost like a badge of honor for some of our fans to claim I hated/doubted him first. I dont understand it. You dont love Utah basketball if you aren’t willing to have a little patience and give Smith a chance.

Do we remember when Whitt was 3-4 midway through the 2005 season and people wanted him gone?


I don’t see anyone here calling for Smith’s immediate firing. I see people noting cause for concerns, based not only on current results, but recruiting which is a main indicator of future results. The current trend isn’t looking good. But we are in wait-and-see mode.

I attended todays game and I think it’s valid to have some doubts at this point. Sorry if the fan police don’t agree.


Who are you talking about? I love Ute Basketball as much as anyone. That doesn’t mean I can’t voice concerns and those concerns are valid.


The most obnoxious thing is faulting Smith that players transferred. These critics have no knowledge about the players’ situations, why they transferred, what their plans were before Krystkowiak was fired. If I’m wrong, enlighten us. I submit you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nobody here has any basis to be concerned. You experts, what are your credentials? At least some of us know some history. For example, check out the legitimate Coach K’s record at Duke his first three years. Mike Krzyzewski - Wikipedia

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Some of us have spilled oceans of ink defending Whit against many who wanted him fired almost every year he has been coach since the first one.

We’re all a bunch of fickle mush heads. We have people wanting Whittingham fired after this season. But it’s part of fandom I guess… the right to be passionately wrong.


Oh brother. You don’t think there were Duke fans (if such a thing existed before the legitimate Coach K) concerned about the trajectory of the program in those first 3 years?

None of us are experts, including yourself. Yes, most here know history. Yes, there is basis for concern, in the very early stages.


I am considering this year as a write off. I am resigned to accept it for whatever it is. If we’re playing a little better at the end of the year, then great, but my expectations are as low as you can get it. I’m still banking on Smith doing some stellar recruiting for the years to come. However, as previously mentioned, I don’t know how you recruit with the pitiful attendance that we have. Hopefully that can get turned around too.

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You must only have a Bachelor’s degree. We require three points to draw a curve, but it’s only two with a Master’s and one if you have a PhD. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s more than fair to not really count Martinez and Jones as normal transfer cases. Their fathers lost their jobs in the transition. What possible motive would they have to stay?


How dare you!!

As any good lawyer knows, some conclusions are so self-evident recourse to experts is unnecessary. The need for patience less than halfway into the first season of a coach who took over a moribund program is such a conclusion.

On the other hand, nobody here has any expertise or foundation for expressing “concern.”

Hey, I have lots of concerns.

None regarding the MBB HC, but I have concerns…

My wife says I might have issues, too. :joy::joy::joy:


our fan base sometimes … SMH!


At the very least, I’m willing to give the new coach a couple of years and will be there for all the home games (although it’s getting very quiet and empty in that arena). But as we were getting off of TRAX where we parked at the stadium, I found myself saying to my parents “how long until football season starts again”.


They may not even be fans but buddies of the prior coaching staff.

I tell people I know who are public figures involved in sport and their loved ones to ignore social media and sports writers. It’s hard to do. But fans and sportswriters don’t know anything. Nothing. They lack the expertise. You will never see me say someone should start instead of someone else, or why didn’t the coach run another kind of play. I believe in experts and that you have to trust experts. The furthest I’ll go is say maybe it’s time to try a new expert, based on blunt statistics like W-L and transfers.

I’m also fully vaccinated.


I wish people in the political world believed that.