Alternatives to watch the PAC12 Network yet?

We are moving and it’s time to ask: Do we have options other than Xfinity/Comcast to watch the PAC12 Network yet?

I travel a lot and often watch the (primarily football) games later that night or next morning on my Xfinity app. I’d like that flexibility with a new streaming option if there is one.

Do I have better options yet? Years ago we switched from Dish Network to Xfinity because it was the only way to see all the games.

This is a list of providers carrying the Pac12 Networks

We are looking at getting rid of xfinity and going to a steaming platform. I’m leaning towards Fubo at the moment.

We have had success with iterations of Fubo and Sling. We like to watch women’s Utes sports like gymnastics soccer and softball which are often only on PAC 12 networks (There’re are at least 2 different PAC 12 channels; not sure why)

Fubo has worked great for me for sports and local channels. I got it because it has P12 though if we ever get a new media deal I’ll shop around again just cuz things change.

Fubo. It’s the most cost reasonable platform for sports.

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