All-Time Utes List (according to AI) Agree?


  1. Alex Smith
  2. Brian Johnson
  3. Scott Mitchell

Running Back:

  1. Zack Moss
  2. Devontae Booker
  3. Eddie Johnson

Wide Receivers:

  1. Steve Smith
  2. David Reed
  3. Tim Patrick

Tight End:

  1. Dennis Smith
  2. Chris Cooley
  3. Jake Murphy

Offensive Line:

  1. Jordan Gross (Tackle)
  2. Zane Beadles (Guard)
  3. Isaac Asiata (Guard)
  4. Tony Bergstrom (Tackle)
  5. Sam Tevi (Tackle)

Defensive Line:

  1. Luther Elliss
  2. Star Lotulelei
  3. Steve Fifita
  4. Hunter Dimick


  1. Gionni Paul
  2. Stevenson Sylvester
  3. Matt Martinez
  4. Larry Wilson


  1. Eric Weddle (played safety but versatile)
  2. Sean Smith
  3. Keith McGill


  1. Eric Weddle (played safety but versatile)
  2. Morgan Scalley
  3. Brice McCain

First reaction, Chris Cooley (TE) played at Utah State, not Utah. And Jake Murphy was good, but not second or third good. Dalton Kincaid was much better. I am also pretty sure Larry Wilson didn’t play linebacker. He is a HOF DB but mostly played running back at Utah, I believe.


AI has issues. lol.

The Alabama list was suspect but I find it fascinating.

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One starting question: What AI platform came up with this? Just curious.

Now for comments:

Overall this list seems to suffer from some recently bias, which is understandable from the way most AI works. There is simply more information available to review today than there was 20+ years ago. I think 77Ute did a good job at pointing out some other major hiccups.

I’m surprised Barry Simms isn’t on the OL list. He was a beast and had a very good NFL career. Likewise, I would put Marcus Williams on the Safety list ahead of Scalley, who was very good but Williams was eye popping good. The case can also be made that Robert Johnson was a better safety than Scalley. I think AI gave Scalley points for coaching references. Also, McCain played CB. I’d say that both Dalton Kincaid and Brant Kuithe have been better TEs than Jake Murphy. I don’t know what to make out of that LB list aside from Sylvester being correct. I sure don’t know how Martinez is on it.

Just my thoughts.


A few thought off the top of my head:

Receivers- I’d add Rowley, Savoy, Warren, Dyson, or Covey over Reed and Patrick.

Linebacker has to have Devin Lloyd and Anthony Davis.

Defensive line is too hard to limit to just 4. There should be 4 each interior and ends.

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WR - Roy Jefferson
OL - Dean Miraldi


The wide receivers aren’t the best choices either. Steve Smith was great, but he only put up modest receiving numbers at Utah (had a great per-catch average but not a ton of catches or TDs). I would put Dyson or Rowley up there.


I just threw it in ChatGPT 4

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Curtis Marsh was an amazing reciver back with Mike McCoy 3 decades ago… Im so old…

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You’re so old? I guarantee you 90% of the people who post here remember that era (if our memory is still that good). The average age here is methuselah.


But also. . .

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Marsh had a nice 1994 season but only had like 10 catches as a junior (he was a JC transfer).

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If we are going to be debating a list made by H.A.L., shouldn’t there be a drinking game involved? :wink: