All-American/Nat'l Awards

Don’t know what is officially considered All-American, but CBS Sports seems like it counts.

LB Devin Lloyd 1st team
PR Britain Covey 1st team

Kayvon Tippie-Toe 2nd team. Verone Mckinley III (S, Ore) 1st team. No other PAC-12 on 1st or 2nd teams.

Maybe Britain can find a place on an NFL team. Maybe UDFA, but that would be better to pick the best situation for him to make the cuts.

I’m not sure an NFL team would try and find a place for him. I do know that he could be an all star in the CFL. He is very much in the mold of several past outstanding returners like Gizmo Williams, Tristan Jackson, Pinball Clemons, and Larry Highbaugh.

Yeah, it would be a risk I don’t think an NFL team would take on a 25 year old with some past injuries. Maybe he gets a chance to be on a practice squad or tries for a slot receiver (e.g. Edelman) type role, but I think it’s a pretty big uphill battle.

Speaking of Lloyd, we know he was a Butkus finalist but lost out to Nakobe Dean (UGA).

Interesting that several have won the HS award AND Collegiate award: Manti Te’o, Jaylon Smith, and Nakobe Dean (any bias?). Von Miller and Luke Kuechly won the college and pro awards.

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If Covey wants to try for the NFL, ok…

I think he would make a better coach. He has the football IQ to be a great coach. Lord knows, he has the ability to motivate those around him.


Pinball Clemons?? Isnt he a member of the Globetrotters??

Lloyd - Walter Camp All-American


He is one pick away from bein a Consensus All American.

Since 1924, the NCAA has designated selectors whose teams are used to determine “consensus” and “unanimous” All-Americans. Any player who is named to the first team by at least half the official selectors for a given season is recognized as being a consensus All-American.[a] A player on the first team of every official selector is recognized as being a unanimous All-American .[2] Since 2002, the five selectors designated by the NCAA for this purpose are the Associated Press (AP), the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the Football Writers Association of America(FWAA), Sporting News , and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF).


Based on that sentence alone, I’ll bet you know more about the CFL than approximately 7.8 billion other living humans.


Pretty well spoken kid, too - maybe broadcasting?

Look at all us old guys, planning out his future. Any idea what his degree is? I’m too lazy to look it up.


I think this makes Lloyd consensus All-American - AP