Alex Smith's comeback: Inside the fight to save the QB's leg and life

Wow. I mean wow. Having a difficult time wrapping my head around what I just watched.

If he ever takes a single snap in the NFL again, he should automatically win the comeback player of the year.


Impressive show to watch. The guy has true grit. I honestly hope that he has a pain free life. Personally I wouldn’t return to football and I don’t think it is realistic, but I give him a ton of credit for what he went through and is trying to do.

WOW! Just WOW! This is must see TV for any Utah fan.

That was crazy. I heard things got bad, but having muscle removed & getting a muscle transfer from his quad - that’s extreme.

I think Alex needs to transform himself - redirect all that determination and mental toughness from the extreme adrenaline rush of being an NFL player into other areas. You can see the relentless drive, which led to Mac burning AS’s redshirt in a desperation move in Mac’s final season.

His career was winding down, so this transition was inevitable, but hopefully he’s not haunted into thinking the injury - and a (likely) inability to come back from it - were the reason he won’t play again.

Visiting the wounded warriors will help him. Getting into our HOF will help, too. A special time in Utah football history.

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