Alex Smith Update

Alex Smith - Only reason Washington NFL Football was any good at all.

I hope Alex can get back on the field.

I would hate for his career to end on an injury.


I’d be surprised if he ever makes it back on a football field as a player. With his injury and subsequent complications he is lucky to still have a leg and be able to walk.

I would love to be wrong.

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This is what I’ve consistently heard about his injury from people in the know.

Sooner or later, every athlete has to stop. Limbs with multiple operations and infections can be precarious.
I’m sure he will process the risk and benefits of his future and his family.
Would love to see him back, but, I imagine it might not be worthwhile.

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Getting Theismanned never ends in a comeback.

If he walks without a limp, it’s a win.
If he walks without a cane, it’s a win.
If he walks, it’s a win.

He is lucky they were able to save the leg, given the number of complications and additional surgeries he has endured.

It was a freak deal, but it happened. I am just happy he is getting around and being able to enjoy his family.


I would love for him to come back to Utah in some capacity, it’s clear his intangibles are a plus to any organization.


One year ago today, Alex Smith suffered a gruesome knee injury.

His wife Liz posted this video on Instagram giving us a small glimpse of what Alex has gone through over the last year.


(via @lizbsmith11 /IG)

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) November 19, 2019
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Looks like he is recovering well!
Hope he is healthy and happy


Could only watch with the sound off. Uggh.

No way can he come back and play on that. He should be happy that he can walk.