Alex Smith up for College Football HOF

Crazy to think some of these guys aren’t already in the HOF.

I understand Eric Weddle is also up for the College Football HOF this year. Two great Utes!!

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They didn’t show him on that link. Are you sure?

Scroll further down into the big list and you will see him. I believe he was on the ballot last year and got enough votes to stay on the ballot. He didn’t get enough votes to get into the Hall, though.

The 2024 results haven’t been announced yet

Ah. He’s on the bottom list. I was looking under the position list.

Defensive backs : Mark Carrier (USC), Michael Huff (Texas), Antonio Langham (Alabama), Todd Lyght (Notre Dame), Terence Newman (Kansas State), Kevin Smith (Texas A&M) and Dennis Thurman (USC).

Wonder if his absence means less likely. The fact Langham isn’t already in is criminal. Dude basically won the title for us at DB:

Not HOF, but check out the positive impact of Mac era Ute Jacinto “Juice” Peterson:

Utah is a better place because of a lot of former athletes who decided to make Utah their permanent home.