Alex Smith time in Washington?

Ron Rivera puts Dwayne Haskins on notice

If Rivera makes the change, that could open the door for Alex Smith to return to the starting role. Smith has recovered from a devastating leg injury, but has been inactive for every game this season. He’s not on Injured Reserve, suggesting he’s healthy enough to play in games if needed.

I was wondering about that yesterday. Haskins had 3 INT’s and a lost fumble yesterday. He’s been just below average to okay

I hope not, I don’t think it’s safe for him to evade defenders this early in the season on that stick, in a starting role. I’d rather see him play in mop-up duty just to say he made it back and call it good.


good news - Washington is benching Haskins next week

bad news - Washington is going with Kyle Allen instead of Alex (or maybe this is good news)

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Yeah I’m not sure I’d wanna go out there with that team and O-line. I do agree with Florio though…

Mike Florio: Alex Smith gives Washington best chance at winning NFC East

The NFC East is so bad, and Football Team has a good defense, a pre injury Alex as their QB probably makes them favorites.

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Alex is now the backup. This is awesome…if he is truly ready for it

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[quote=“EUte, post:5, topic:4302”]

Yeah I’m not sure I’d wanna go out there with that team and O-line. I do agree with Florio though…

Alex Smith has led Football Team to the playoffs, but Philly tried to lose that game and it was embarrassingly obvious, so much so that I don’t even feel as good about the win for Alex as I would think I would. Just shameful.

Intentional losses in the NFL and NBA should be an unspeakable sin, yet it happens and nobody cares? I’ve completely stopped watching the NBA because of it, I’m almost there with the NFL. Even when the team I want to win benefits from it, it’s still reprehensible to me.

I pray Alex survives the playoffs, his Oline is garbage. I’m worried.

You think jalen hurts was going to lead the philly comeback? It wasn’t going to happen.


There was more going on than Hurts’ benching.

How many times have you seen a hard count work on 4th and 1? Two Eagles jumped offsides…that was not real, that was a fix.

Philly was tinkering with things to help assess their QB situation going forward- and why not, it’s much like a preseason game as far as they were concerned.

There’s virtually no chance that Hurts was going to turn the game around. And to say they lost intentionally is preposterous… tin foil hat stuff there.

Nobody who watched that game objectively can say the Eagles were trying to win in the 4th quarter.

All I’m saying is philly was losing that game whether they tried or not.

That doesn’t make tanking okay.

Announcers were talking about enraged Giants players/fans and I noted they should have kept their loss total in single digits if they wanted to be in the playoffs.

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