Alex Smith Comeback POY

This may have been posted already. This is the most unsurprising Comeback Player of the year award ever, I’m sure. The guy’s amazingly inspirational.

A role model for all. He was comeback player of the year the moment he laced up his cleats.


The NFL’s tweet said he beat out both Alex Smith and Alex Smith to win the award.


Just got an ESPN update that Alex is inactive tonight.

Bummed, as I was really hoping he could cap this off by taking down Tom Brady.


Saw an article recently stating that the award should now be named after him.

I wish he were playing tonight. He’s been a good example to all people about how to be a good person.


By the way, the Washington Football Team is the best name in professional sports - I hope they never change it. And if we ever have to abandon the Utes, I say we do something similar… the Utah Football Team, Utah Basketball Team, etc. Or just be “The Team”. Forget mascots all together.


Can we still dress like cowboys though?

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If you aren’t dressed like a cowboy right now, ready to go and represent at any moment, you aren’t a Utah fan.


I always have my spurs on.

I don’t know if you’re kidding or not, but, I like it. The University of Utah. Hard stop.

Not even remotely kidding. I don’t want to be the Red Rocks, the Moose, the Red-tailed hawks or anything else. Plus it establishes dominance by title alone there is the Utah Football Team and then everyone else in the state of Utah who might play football - who cares.

Also a great way to become the nation’s team. “I’m going to watch The Team tonight.”

Go trademark its variations as well, etc.


I’d like to see the football team become simply The Team. Swoop replaced with a real moose that has its own area, field level, the full length of the North Endzone. The moose should not have a name nor wear anything.

The Runnin’ Utes I’d like to see remain as is, but no Swoop.

The Gymnastics team should be officially known as Red Rocks if it isn’t already. No Swoop.