Alamo Bowl Roll Call!

Too soon? :wink: Wow this one stings, but congrats to the players for working hard all year. Getting to the Rose bowl is no joke.

I think it’s too soon. Alamo bowl may select USC


I would be alright with that. San Antonio is a PITA to get to from SLC

I wouldn’t be surprised to see USC get the Alamo bid.

Fortunately, I did not bet on this game. But I will bet that Utah is headed to to the Vegas Bowl.

you are special

Is that seriously a possibility?

What a kick to the dick that would be after this season.

When you’re in the land of Bowl Games, the Finebaum rule applies. They don’t have to rank order. They take the team that’s the best draw from the teams that are left. USC could easily be taken over Utah because they beat us, plus they are a better draw.

No it’s not. I think either Alamo or Holiday.

Not sure which one has more prestige, but I’m an hour away from the Holiday Bowl, so wouldn’t be bummed too much if they went there. They laid an egg tonight but still proud of the boys. GO UTES

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Y’all need to read the Bowl selection deals for the PAC 12. The Alamo Bowl reads “2nd choice” not “2nd ranked” after the CFP and Rose Bowl has selected. USC is a very marketable 2nd choice. They beat Utah and have the same number of Conference losses. More likely Utah ends up in Holiday Bowl against Minnesota.

After last night I’d rather see us against Minnesota than Baylor or Oklahoma…

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I’m looking forward to another bowl game loss.

Holy crap dude, in the last 20 years Utah is 14-2 in Bowl games. They sucked last night but get over it. I’m looking forward to seeing this team one more time.

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I think it’ll be the Holiday bowl vs. Minnesota. Both have been paper tigers all year, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll be watching, but disappointed it’s not the Rose Bowl. Kind of glad it’s not though b/c we’d get wrecked.

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Considering our performance against NW last year, and the likelihood of us playing a ranked opponent in our bowl game this year, how is what I’m saying unfounded? Prior to last year, who were we playing in bowl games outside of Bama?


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Also, this was arguably the biggest loss in program history. Just get over it?

So…about that Alamo Bowl.


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This is the trade we made when joining the P12… big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond. Of course USC will be selected before Utah. Utah has to earn everything it gets, even battling intangibles like tv market size.

There’s no solution or satisfaction in fretting over the beauty pageant part of college football as a Utah fan. Utah is the ugly girl who, once in a while, kicks ass so exceedingly in the talent competition that the judges can’t leave them out. But if it’s a question of the swimsuit or evening gown, well, the Utes will almost never win based on those.

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Been saying this all along. It’s in the deal language for the Bowls: they have the choice of what’s left. Read the language.