Alamo Bowl potpourri

Kragthorpe on last-minute bowl prep, our reconstituted defensive backfield, Scalley’s unsigned contract, and Whitt’s bowl success ranking — among other things.

I find it a bit interesting Scalley hasn’t signed. Probably nothing there but still, interesting…

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It would not be surprising if someone has come after him offering a very attractive opportunity and/or a lot of money. If so, I would not blame him for leaving. In the long term, it could be very good for Utah if Morgan does take a nice P5 head-coaching job somewhere, and remains poised to return when KW retires.

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It could be, but I think it’s even better if he does not go anywhere and becomes head coach when Kyle retires (assuming Utah is still in a good place when Kyle retires). If he leaves, he is necessarily leaving for a job in a bad place. Resurrecting a program in the dumps is a crapshoot even for good coaches. He might fail, and then he won’t be an option for us anymore. Or, he might succeed and really enjoy the new place and not be an option for us anymore.

I don’t think we need Scalley in order to succeed, but it sure would be nice to transition to someone like him who knows the program and wants to be around forever.


I completely agree. Good for him if he gets a HC opportunity. Maybe he comes back has HC once KW retires, certainly would be great if he had some experience going forward.

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Agreed. Just trying to look at the possible silver lining in a Scalley departure. Maybe if Jay Hill leaves WSU for greener pastures, Morgan could take over there. No dumpster fire at WSU.

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Sitting a row behind a guys whose sons are analysts for the U defense. We just talked about Scalley’s contract and he doesn’t think he wants to go anywhere. Turned down UNLV. FWIW.


As of today, there are no FBS head coach positions open and only 1 FCS (Howard University). I don’t think that is happening.


Thank you.

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I don’t think anyone could consistently win at UNLV. That place is where coaching careers go to die.


Well. OK, then, I would be surprised.

If you want to follow football coaching changes, football is an excellent source.

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All football fan eyes will be on the Utes and Tejas tomorrow night. No other games to compete with and it’s on ESPN.

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It’s another opportunity for the guys. If they beat a blueblood like Texas — even this year’s Texas — they’ll show they still belong in the higher echelons. If they lose people will call them pretenders. That’s not fair, but it’s where we are.

BUT — I think this team is angry, just as they were after USC. I can’t wait to see them play tomorrow night.

Monson’s often hard to take, but when he’s right, he’s right:

I went to the PAC 12 Championship Game. I still think that Utah just did not show up and played a poor game. Oregon is not that much better than Utah, but they came better prepared and scheme sound football. In contrast, Utah executed poorly and in Huntley’s case, reverted back to old habits.

Not sure what will happen today. I think fhe offense will be fine, but very concerned about the depleted defensive secondary against a pass happy Texas.

Yeah, the secondary will have to grow up really quickly if the Utes are going to win.

DBs are very important tonight, but control of LOS should determine the outcome.

D-line and O-block have to have dominant performances to help the untested D-secondary.

I am a little worried about the Texas quarterback. He’s a great passer, and also very mobile. We haven’t done terribly well against quarterbacks who can break out of the pocket on third and long and then make a first down. We’ll see what happens today. Will we put a spy on Ehlinger?

Just me or are there no Ute fans there?