Alabama Football has a special guest speaker

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Kind of makes you wonder if he’s not also there interviewing for a coaching position. I think he would be a fantastic coach by the way.

What? Nick couldn’t get Brian Johnson?


He’s busy coaching Jalen Hurts on how to get the ball to last year’s Heisman.

Well, when you need a paragon of toughness, intelligence, teamwork, tenacity and general badassness, always call a Ute.


Whatever works is fine by me. I’ll post the video when they release his episode. They released A-Rod’s this week:

I kind of had to chuckle a little bit realizing that Bama would have never recruited him. But very cool story indeed. Alex truly is an inspiration.

I didn’t watch the A-rod video…was he giving advice on how not to get involved with internet skanks?

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Really encouraging financial literacy and taking care of your body. Talking also about focusing on every little detail and being dedicated to the process. He explained how he met with Magic Johnson on setting his plan for creating a business. Also, discussed how to deal with media as a player and do you want to be field great or Instagram great.

Weirdly, QBs didn’t want to come to Bama in 2002. They just would be handing the ball off back then.

Some highlights

Good deep cut there. cough Guilfoyle cough.

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