Aggressive imbecile drivers and lack of guardrails in the canyons

Anyone see the drive-cam footage of the aggressive driver who was apparently tailgating, lost control took out a Subaru coming the other way and caused 4 hours of delays in the canyon?
In my 20 years of living here I’m astounded how:
No one puts real snow tires on their car/truck
So many continue to tailgate (like NASCAR style) and drive at the maximum speed limit or more in the worst conditions
Seems like sometimes we have virtual death-cliff drops that might benefit from guardrails but whatever

I saw that. Looked like the guy in the truck thought his truck could drive at any speed in any conditions.


There are too many people who believe they are insiders on some secret technique for driving in the snow. Combine that with the false security of 4WD, and bad things happen. Just drive slowly, people.


AWD…with chains…going slow…

It’s what you do in the canyons because the life you save may be your own. I know this ^^^ keeps me alive driving up there in snow season.


If you watch that video he’s actually not using the secret.

The number one reason people lose control in bad weather is turning AND breaking/accelerating.

Doing either in a straight line will rarely cause issues, but if you make a steering input while changing momentum you’ll likely lose control.

That’s a huge portion of emergency vehicle operator training.


Another data point in favor of my hypothesis that the worst winter drivers are those in lifted Ram 4WD pickups, with extra points for the Diesel engine. When I was commuting to Clearfield all those years they were consistently the most aggressive drivers in bad conditions.


Fixed that for you.


My favorites are those that think it’s funny to “roll coal”. They are obviously trying to compensate for something.


Spent a lot of time in our local canyons over the years and frequently drive US 6 on the way to our family getaway cabin. Have learned that patience is essential when driving on long curvy stretches of 2 lane roads.

Stay safe out there everyone. Slow down when conditions dictate it and enjoy the scenery.


Found the footage.

Definitely a Trump Supporter and a guardrail may have made things even worse for the small car that was hit by a truck which was accelerating and rolling coal. I’d rather roll into a river backwards than be pinned up against a guardrail by an ■■■■■■■.

I’m hopeful a gondola will be constructed in Little Cottonwood Canyon. If it is, I won’t be going to any of the other ski resorts. You can be an expert driver with AWD and chains but that only reduces the chances that you slide off the road, it won’t reduce the possibility of someone ramming you off the road.

4 Likes has the story up which contains the dashcam footage. The unfortunate occupant(s) of the vehicle traveling up the canyon had no chance.



Like a brain.


That truck looks just like one about two weeks ago that was impatient with the line going down the canyon so they passed me on a blind turn and then cut right in front of me to avoid a head-on collision. Wonder if I witness karma in that video.


Whew. Got a 1500 so I’m only half a hick guess.


Reminds me of this:


Road rage on I-15 leads to shots fired, 2 injured Monday | ABC4 Utah

A Subaru Forester and a Volvo wagon got into it…

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Hahaha, Volvo???! Oh, sarcasm.

Are we going to see crap like this every day for awhile from Trump Supporters until they all end up in jail or in the hospital? I saw one raging on Highland Drive this morning, I hope he didn’t hurt anyone.


I’ve driven a lot between Salt Lake and Southern California, dozens and dozens of times. I have to say that tailgating is worse in Utah than any of the other two states in that drive. The further north you get from St. George, the worse it is. I can’t explain it, but it does drive me nuts. And yes, by far the most common offender is some knucklehead in a pickup truck.

My favorite is when I am in the fast lane, going about 80, and somebody comes up 10 feet behind me, and I have nowhere to go because there are two semis next to me in the right lane. I speed up as quickly as I can, sometimes to 90 miles an hour or more, and move over to the right lane just to get away from the guy who is breathing down my neck.

The second worst scenario is when the pickup truck is 10 feet behind me (or sometimes closer) in the outside lane, and there is no one occupying the inside lane. Not only is that stupid and dangerous, it’s inexplicable.

What is wrong with these people?


Coming down from Solitude yesterday I noticed lots of tracks off the pavement and into the snow. Some seemed to have pulled it out ok. A few others obviously just plowed to a halt in a snow bank. Watching the video from the other day I’m going guess the nitwit in the RAM dropped his wheels off the pavement, panicked, gave it a hard left, and it was all over but the shouting at that point.