After Week 8 what a 12 team playoff would have looked like in 2023 (Utes barely out)

These rankings are sort of ball park. Taking bias out and just choosing the higher seed for Conf Champ

First-round bye: 1. Georgia (SEC Champ) 2. Michigan (Big 1G Champ) 3. FSU (ACC Champ) 4. Washington (Pac Champ). This week FSU and Washington flip-flopped.

5 Ohio State (At-Large) vs 12 Air Force (Highest Rated G5) at Columbus. (Game 1)
6 Oklahoma (Big XII Champ) vs 11 Ole Miss (At Large) at Norman (Game 2)
7 Texas (At Large) 10 Penn State (At Large) at Austin (Game 3)
8 Alabama (At Large) 9 Oregon (At Large) at Tuscaloosa (Game 4)

Next Four Out: Oregon State, Utah, Notre Dame, and LSU.

(Locations using 2024 locations)
Winner of Game 4 vs UGA (Atlanta in Peach)
Winner of Game 3 vs Michigan (Los Angeles in Rose)
Winner of Game 2 vs FSU (New Orleans in Sugar)
Winner of Game 1 vs Washington (Tempe in Fiesta)

This season is def a year we needed this with the parity. I am also using the Coaches Poll since it’s closer to what the CFP has picked.