After Week 7 what a 12 team playoff would have looked like in 2023

These rankings are sort of ball park. Taking bias out and just choosing the higher seed for Conf Champ

First-round bye: 1. Georgia (SEC Champ) 2. Michigan (Big 1G Champ) 3. Washington (P12 Champ) 4. FSU (ACC Champ)

5 Oklahoma (Big 12 Champ) vs 12 Air Force (Highest Rated G5) at Norman. (Game 1)
6 Ohio State (At Large) vs 11 Oregon (At Large) at Columbus (Game 2)
7 Penn State (At Large) 10 North Carolina (At Large) at State College (Game 3)
8 Texas (At Large) 9 Alabama (At Large) at Austin (Game 4)

Winner of Game 4 vs UGA
Winner of Game 3 vs Michigan
Winner of Game 2 vs Washington
Winner of Game 1 vs FSU

the playoff is going to be fun

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