A$U $cumdevils

Seems appropriate to put this link under recruiting since that seems to be the issue at A$U. Not sure if they paid recruits, but who really knows right now.

Here’s a link to the yahoo article, via MSN with todays date and yesterdays updates. I wonder what the administration will do in Tempe. Seems that they don’t care, or are daring the NCAA to try to enforce something. Perhaps A$U knows something we don’t about the exact ineptitude of the NCAA. That’s another discussion for another day, the crap with BBall and the FBI didn’t get the NCAA to do anything, nor did MSU or PSU sexual abuse scandals. If what is being alleged in Ann Arbor is true, there may another round of NCAA ineptitude.

Anyway, here’s that link.

Yahoo Sports exclusive: Dossier reveals extent of potential NCAA violations by Arizona State football (msn.com)

Interesting that Jayden Daniels’ mom is indicated as paying for flights for other recruits to come visit ASU. If true, a player’s parent doesn’t get involved unless they received extra curricular benefits too. Crazy stuff.


Saw this on local news today. Kinda funny.

It’s pretty safe to assume she was getting paid to run this part of the scam.


That’s good. I remember a similar obituary in the Salt Lake papers after one of the Ute victories over byu. It might have been one of the 34-31 games in the 90s.


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