A transfer portal comings and goings thread

This is pretty interesting, and someone devoted in a fair amount of work to putting it together. These guys simply wanted to live their dream and moved on. Can’t blame them–they’re only going to be 19-20 years old once. For some of them it worked out well.

Most of these guys really never made an impact here. Some might have developed and got more playing time.

Good luck and best wishes to all of them. Hope they find what they are looking for, but hope more they all get their degrees earned.



CU PK Cole Becker has transferred to Utah. He’s good. Should really upgrade the kicking game. He will be on scholarship. Details here:


The fewer adventures in the kicking game the better.


Thanks LA, that was an interesting read.
I echo Greg in that I hope they secured the education the wanted/needed.

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There goes another one.

I didn’t see this coming, but I’m glad they’re doing it. The article is short on details, but somebody needed to do something to put some reasonable limits on the transfer portal. I’ve got to think that part of the thinking behind this is that combining a wide open transfer portal with NIL is a recipe for a lot of abuse and funny business.

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What sort of abuse and funny business?

Yes it is annoying to see Utah players leave but it is nice to have quality players transfer into the program. Utah has benefited more than it has lost as far as I can tell. Who would rather have Tuttle than Rising?

Certainly it makes it harder for coaches to plan and stockpile players.

In terms of abuse and funny business it seems to me that the worst thing that might come of NIL is the paying of young and talented guys. Good for them.

Harder to manage the teams, annoying for fans, choices and payment for players- that is the outcome of NIL.

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This doesn’t involve the portal, but is NIL funny business.


I’m not talking about players leaving. I’m talking about the combination of NIL and a wide–open transfer portal. I don’t think anybody who has been watching college football for the last 20 years or so can deny that there are lots of people who are willing to get involved in spending lots of money, breaking or bending the rules, etc. to get the players they want at the school they love. By making it harder to transfer twice during an athlete’s career, this change is a small step in the right direction.


I agree that limits on multiple transfers seem reasonable and helpful.

As for paying players- it has been part of the game for as long as results on the field mattered. Here is an interesting report from 2014:

I don’t see benefits from making it illegal and pushing the payments into criminal territory.

Call me radical but I think the players ought to be able to collect payment if their services appear valuable to people willing to pay. NIL allows young and hard working people to monetize the value of their talent without wrecking title 9 or saddling the Universities with paying athletes to play sports that do not generate revenue.

As for the Florida player who didn’t receive the promised payment- cruddy for him. He might need to go to a school where the NIL will materialize. This type of shenanigan with substantially limit Florida’s recruiting if they can’t get the kinks worked out.

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Maile leaving for the cooters. Sorry to see him go, but he may not like a first season in the B12 with the cooters
Utah offensive lineman Paul Maile transferring to BYU (msn.com)

Best of luck to him. Next season for TDS is going to be a rough one, no doubt.

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That ship has sailed. My problem is with the combination of NIL + unrestricted transfers.


Agreed. The issue isn’t reasonable pay or the ability to transfer. The issue is that it’s absurdly out of control without guardrails at the moment, and that it’s (debate if you like) further undermining the role and value of university roles as Universities…

And…it’s reducing my connection as a fan. If I wanted to see mercenary prima donna millionaires everywhere I’d just watch the NFL…which actually has better controls. :man_shrugging:t2:


5-star CB, #4 recruit in the nation flips from Miami to Coach Prime.

Dude can recruit, I’ll give him that.

Yeah he can. Been interesting to watch from a distance.

So, the number 3 rated recruit in Utah football history has transferred to…Cal Poly.

This is Example #912 of why I never get terribly excited about recruits until they become contributors on the field. You never really know how a kid is going to turn out, especially when injuries come into play.

Best of luck to him.


Is his Brother still around? The roster hasn’t been updated on utahutes.com so both still show.

It does seem like he’s still here (Josh Calvert) Also learned that Shu Mitsumoto, Masaki Kudo and Elvis Vakapuna entered the portal.

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