"A Rivalry for Generations"

Utefans original video. I had to edit it down a little bit more but this is the official version. I’m going to share it on Cougarboard in a second to get their feedback. What I’m asking of you guys is that you share this video EVERYWHERE. Thanks and GO UTES!


Why is your username on that board in blue?

Never invested enough time to change it or really even care. I created that over ten years ago


Could get a more positive response from ‘the other board’ if you had some highlights where they had the winning play, such as Lavell’s last game of his career where Doman led them down the field in the closing minute, or Harline’s catch as time expired. Yeah we lost those games, but they were both classics.

Every once in a while, we need a downvote function here.


Are you trying to set a CB record for thumbs down votes?


If I did I would die a happy man.


For some reason I didn’t have much interest in putting a spotlight on their achievements


They do a pretty good job of that themselves. How many times have we heard “Harline is still open”? Of course, with the passage of time those weird taunts have become pretty hollow.


Zoob fans going on and on and on and on about Harline still open and “4th and 18” (while ignoring our relative dominance over the past couple of decades) is similar to when we were down in the dumps and wearing Rice Bowl 57-28 shirts. (But we didn’t rent a plane with a banner with that message flying over their bowl game)

Times have changed though and we have gone over a decade since last being on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

But I’d be surprised if that highlight video was shared on their board and it didn’t get taken down.


They take down a lot of Ute fans posts. My goal wasn’t really to have them celebrate it. I totally understood if they were going to take it down, and really didn’t care.


I’m so happy that OU and Nebraska are playing today. One of the great atmospheres I’ve ever been at was the #1 vs #3 game in Norman in 2000.

Love Love Love rivalry football.

(Anyone see Johnny Rogers play in that 1971 game). Wow, just wow.

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I did. Great game.

Kickers. Ugh.good kickers are def worth their weight in gold.