A nice little giggle for your Saturday evening

I was busy right after the game today, but about 3 hours later with the feel good of a win, was catching up on sports radio in the car. Utah State’s game was just getting underway, so I decided to listen to BYU’s post-game.

They played the press conference remarks of SUU’s coach, DeLane Fitzgerald. He said he thought his team did reasonably well, and outside of special teams it was game they were in. (NOTE: I have no idea - this is just what he said)

Then he went on to say something like “this wasn’t like playing Utah last year, 70-7, a team that was a few plays away from getting into the CFP. BYU is more like a team in the 50s, so we were in this game, if not for some special teams mistakes”.

“This should get Cougboard fired up”, I thought.

Sure enough: SUU coach is a clown (cougarboard.com)

Such delicate flowers.


Those guys need a help…it must really hurt to carry around a chip on your shoulder the size of the State of Alaska. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I did not look at coogerbored, but if they haven’t yet, I bet someone will play the “he hates the church” card.