A much more serious or discussion and Maverik and its recent purchase

How did these get permitted to be built? I remember being concerned about this issue when we lived in Salt Lake. Having ridden my bike up some of the roads, I was just flabbergasted that people would actually build homes in an, obvious, slide zone.

I can see a big lawsuit brewing against the builders and the permitting agencies. This just strikes me as negligence, and ineptitude on the part of the builders and permitting agencies.

Everyone involved is going to blame everyone else. The builder will blame the city, the city will blame the engineers, the engineers will blame the builders.
The homeowners are going to lose everything. Hopefully they had earth movement coverage.


There was a lawsuit 20 years ago against North Salt Lake for similar problems. It went nowhere. Just like granting a driver a drivers license doesn’t guarantee the ability to drive, giving a builder a permit doesn’t guarantee that the land should be built on.