A little something to be happy about

Seems that we’ve all gotten a bit grumpy. Perhaps I’m wrong and reading the tone of things incorrectly. If so, I’ll take the blame.

Regardless of our collective state of mind, I’ve been following somewhat closely a story of a kid who ran away from his bus stop yesterday. I’m not sure why I followed as closely as I did, but I did. Yesterday morning a 9 y/o boy ran away from his bus stop, and home. His reasons are unclear. But the FBI, along with local law enforcement had a search going and an Amber Alert start yesterday. Good news is, the boy was found this morning.

Again, no one really knows what the boy’s reasons for running are. Everyone is just glad he was found, safe, perhaps a bit cold.

Love happy endings when it comes to kids. Hope the little guy is going to be ok.


Well, OK! Let’s have more of this!


Good news but hopefully it can be done with less then a stem cell transplant …

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I knew the snow pack was better this year, but I didn’t realize how much better. And apparently it might become even better than it is now.


Great. Let’s just hope we get an orderly warming, not a sudden spike, of temperature as the spring approaches.


In other words, a typical Central and Northern Utah spring. Hoping!

For those that don’t ski, I’d recommend a drive just up either BCC or LCC to see first hand how high the snow is piled. It’s astounding. I was at Solitude yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks and couldn’t believe it. The skinny snow canyons that constitute the roads to the cabins just west of Solitude are amazing. They’re twice the height of an SUV. The meadows along the way are also just beautiful. It’s worth the trip. Just pick a time that avoids the weekend ski traffic cluster.


That’s really nice to see. I’m surprised that these types of records only go back to the early 1980s. Regardless, I’m glad for all you out West getting much needed water. I hope the lessons learned from the on going drought continue to be applied.

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You are right - Brighton has a BASE of nearly 13 feet. The roadside walls are amazing.

Total snowfall for Brighton is 651" with 36" more predicted in the next 5 days, and a warm atmospheric river coming again next week expected to produce a LOT of wet and heavy snow. It seems there is no chance they won’t surpass 700" for the season… and MIGHT get 800" - if we continue even normal snowfall after that point through April.

So you’re saying I need to get ready to redo my State Street River tubing adventure?

It’s only been like a lifetime ago. :wink:


Seriously, it’s great to see snow totals like this. Now if we can get some cooler than normal temps this spring and summer, and another snow year like this one next year, maybe we can put a dent in the GSL dry lake bed.

Not that it was not going to dry out eventually; but slowing the process down would not be a bad thing.


Another 3 or 4 years like this one, and we may actually go from “severe drought” to “dry”


Vince Young spent $5k a week at the Cheesecake factory. I bet he’s one of a few who made it through the entire menu


This is the first time I have seen this unit of measurement used. That’s it used in an astronomy context makes it even more wonderful.

Asteroid the size of 33 armadillos to pass Earth Sunday – NASA. “Asteroid 2023 FL2 is 35 meters, which is as much as almost 33 nine-banded armadillos lined up tail-to-snout.”

Not just any armadillo, but nine-banded ones!


Just the randomness of it made me smile.