A little Shakespeare

:Macbeth" is my favorite Shakespearean tragedy. This is an interesting performance of the famous soliloquy, done by Patrick Stewart. There are so many ways of performing this one.

Sir, we call it “The Scottish Play” as not to tempt fate. I saw this off Broadway last fall. They have it recorded somewhere online. Worth a watch if you can find it.

I think only actors call it that, but I was tempted to do so myself this time.

It’s kind of sad when people who enjoy reading Faulkner talk about how they love his title, “The Sound and the Fury” but don’t know where it came from.

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I was very much reminded of an episode of Black Adder. Worth watching and laughing about.


Well, it made me laugh out loud!


Blackadder was great.


Well…… I have tread the boards in my time.

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Saw this cartoon in a magazine decades ago . You know the little cupola that sticks up from the stage that the prompter hides behind to help the actor/actress when they get stuck on a line, well the caption of the illustration read … Or not to be


I really liked Denzel Washington in MacBeth from a few years ago.

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That was pretty solid. I fear so much bad luck is gonna fall upon the Utes with such casual use of the name of that play. Go outside and spin three times and spit.

Writing plays about Scottish people…people who create their meals based on dares. :wink:

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This is a podcast where he works through Hamlet, one scene at a time. Very well done.

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Funny how this came up and now this: