A little light reading as we start spring practices

Maybe I am getting old, but Josh Newman seems to have come out of the chute doing pretty well covering the Utes.

He has been mediocre at best. He ■■■■■ on the program often on twitter and seems to be generally clueless about the history. He is an East coast hack who is lucky to have a job. You get better coverage reading Michelle Bodkin’s twitter than anything Newman has written.


I don’t really see the need for a beat reporter anymore. I get all the Utah news I need with Twitter and message boards. What does the beat reporter add to that?


In short: Nothing!

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I find it disheartening in a away that we get better Ute coverage out of the Bay area than we do out of Salt Lake. Jon Wilner with the Mercury News is much better than any beat writer that the Utes have had in years, IMO at least. And to top it off, we get pretty good PAC12 coverage from them too.

Just read that Sione Lund and Donte Banton have been suspended indefinitely for team violations. Also, Maxs Tupai is not at spring camp, personal reasons.

Not a great start but hopefully all three can get there matters in line before fall.