A few minutes after losing at the buzzer to OSU I realized, wow, that was the last U game before they become unabashed professionals

The main problem was that D-I hoops and football got too big. It was a nice run.

Yup, that is exactly right. Purists can hang on to the dream of amateur athletics, and the sanctity of unadulterated college football and basketball, however the handwriting has been on the wall for a decade. You can’t have a business making billions of dollars when the front line workers are unpaid. Spare me the tired ‘paid in free education’ because the other handwriting on the wall for the last decade is that a college education not nearly worth what they want you to believe it is, especially a Sociology, Communications, or Sports Science degree.

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Haven’t watched an NBA game in ~5 years, I suppose there are a few people that are actually interested in following the NBA G league (had to look that up, previously called the D league). It’s a good they implemented those drapes in the upper sections of the Huntsman Center to hide/close off all the empty seats, they are going to be needed.