A couple weeks ago my son was feeling poorly

He had a cough, small rash, & felt crappy. He went to insta-care. They told him bed rest & symptom treatment. He did that, but it got worse - back to insta-care. Same advise. But it got worse. His 4th visit he had a nasty cough, fever, rashes & was very sickly. They sent him to Altaview Hosp. They poked, prodded, intubated him and sent him to the U hospital.

The U Hosp put him the ICU and imposed the super duper quarantine procedures. He was the first patient they imposed the procedure on - admitted under an alias, no visitors, 5 minute procedure & checklist for anyone entering or leaving his room. They kept him intubated for several days. His blood panels showed elevated things that shouldn’t be so high and diminished things that shouldn’t be so low. They sent samples to the CDC. It wasn’t covid-19.

After a few days he turned the corner and started to feel better. They still don’t know what it is, why he got better or if he’ll get it again. Viral pneumonia is the consensus guess. They discharged him Saturday. He’s still weak & sickly but a lot better.

I got him a present celebrating his survival & discharge – a six pack of Corona beer.

Put me down for another six pack


Glad he is okay. Scary stuff.


Glad he is OK. That must have been worrisome. I recently had a pneumonia vaccination – something I didn’t know was a thing. Your son’s experience shows me how important such a shot can be. (They are typically prescribed only for – ahem – slightly older folks.)

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So glad to hear he’s on the mend.


Very glad your son is on the mend. More scary that they’re not certain what afflicted him.

I had viral pneumonia many years ago, with much the same symptoms, except no rashes. I’m pretty tough, but that sickness kicked my A$$. I’ve never felt worse, and it took a long time to fully recover.

Thankfully, have not had a repeat.


You’re like 100 years old, right? So how old is your son? in his 70s?

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I saw something was up from his FB posts but I couldn’t tell what. Glad he’s ok. He’s a good kid.

Glad he’s doing better. Tough to be sick and not know what is happening.