#9 Utah WBB beats #8 UCLA 71-69

Great game with an even greater finish.

Unbelievable finish.


I havent been to a collegiate game since shortly after the Mottola/Doleac/Miller era. What is the semicircle INSIDE the key for ? I’ve seen it but never knew

It’s a restricted area. In short, if the defender is standing inside the arc, then the defender can’t draw a charge/offensive foul.

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Indeed, amazing. I thought for sure they were dead when UCLA hit those late threes. But, major props to Pili and the major guts she has to hit that open three and then make that tough shot down low.

Two games in a row where, first McQueen, then Pili step up in close games to get the win.

So fun!!!


Also, I wanted to give Dasia Young some props for the excellent game she played. She hit some big threes at important points in the game, and her shutdown defense late was a big factor.


Absolutely. Besides hitting 3’s and playing defense, she’s the one who poked the ball away from UCLA that gave Pili the chance to hit the 3-pt tie ball.