7v7 Ute Conference Air Raid Tournaments - Any experience?

Sorry for a very question that is very specific. Does anyone have experience with the Ute Conference 7v7 tournaments in Utah?

We don’t live in Utah but may go compete in this tournament with an out of state team, I have a place and may house 12-14 boys to go compete for a Saturday. We have played in national tournaments (Battle and Pylon). Any insights into how this compares? Is it extremely competitive or more like local youth league teams?

Our boys will use it more a vacation and play some football (7v7), but they have done more national or regional tournaments so far. Want to gauge expectations on competition.

No one?

Only heard of 7 on 7’s from my dad talking about playing it when he was a little kid in Iowa. I have never heard of a 7 on 7 program in Utah.

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It is pretty common everywhere. I wish I could post the link. Ha.

Utah football hosts a 7 v 7 tournament the first Saturday in June. They have varsity and JV divisions. I would guess there are usually about 50 teams participating. It is usually very competitive.