#7 Utah WBB beat OSU 75 -73 in OT

Not sure what happened, but glad the Utes pulled it out. Apparently we were up by 18 points at one time. 19 - 2 now. On to the Ducks.

Seeing some of the breakdown after the game, OSU came back from 17 down, but that comeback was mostly against the Utes bench. Gianna Kneepkens was MONEY in overtime to win it. Pili fouled their center taking a desperate three at the OT buzzer, with Utes up three. But the OSU player missed the first one and the game was won.

Once again, a close game where a different player stepped up. First McQueen, then Pili, now Kneepkens.

I can only think that these close games down the wire and in OT will only steel them for the NCAA tourney. When the game is tight knowing you can execute and win, and the confidence gained, might allow them to make a good run.

I am worried a bit about Jenna Johnson, she has been a good player, but I really thought this year she would break out.

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Agreed on Jenna. She seemed lost at times on defense, as well. Also thought her offense has either stagnated or even regressed.

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