50 minutes played in the USC game, 55 fouls called

31 on the Utes, 24 on USC. This is not a complaint about foul differential, just foul count in general. There were tons of those that could have been no-calls.

48 fouls called in the 45 minute UCLA/OSU game just before.

College basketball is hard to watch.

The last 12 minutes of play (2 minutes of regulation and two 5 minute OTs) took 45 minutes to play according to me refreshing the P12 network free 5 minute grace period 9 times on my phone. What that means of course is that is 3 minutes of downtime for every 1 minute of actual play - that’s timeouts, that’s officials stopping play, that is video review. It is terrible. I actually hate official reviews - they should either limit the reviews to a certain period in the game, or like in football where a coach can throw a flag and request a review. But the fouls were ticky-tac and also ones that shouldn’t be called late in the game.

??? Should’ve been calling the game using Church Ball Rules…

No Autopsy, No Fouls.

Five Confirmed Autopsies, Fouled Out.

There were a lot of ticky tack calls on both teams.

Four Utes fouled out and one Trojan. hmmm, seems to be a message here

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