5 things you need to know about: mRNA vaccine safety

This is a good basic article for anyone, and especially those who are nervous about being vaccinated.

Get me my shots so I can get back to work. Being the municipality’s lone worker on site has been a total soul-suck…and the earthquake…and the trash panda in the water tank…and the wind…and the frozen, slick cemetery road…and the folks demanding face to face meetings in my office (without masks) to talk about their planning projects they turned in in crayon and no damned clue…

I want my shot…and a vacation.


As a physician, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET VACCINATED! I’d take it now if I could get it. I’m sick and tired of not doing anything. I want life to resume.


Pfizer is supposed to un-blind the study now that the FDA has authorized the vaccine so us participants can know if we have had it or not. Those in the placebo group is supposed to have priority for the vaccine as well.