5 out of the 6 P12 North teams lost today

While the South looks to be really tough, the North is a complete dumpster fire. Let’s review, shall we?

  • Oregon squeaks by Fresno State
  • Washington loses to Montana
  • Wazzu loses to Utah State
  • OSU loses to Purdue
  • Stanford loses to K State
  • Cal loses to Nevada

Thanks to the North for shooting off the P12’s foot in week one!

No doubt. Nationally, it doesn’t matter whether a school is in the north or the south, the losses tarnish the entire conference. I know there are reasons to play an FCS school and G5 schools, but the reality is that the losses by Washington, Wazzu and Cal illustrate that there is no upside to playing those games.


And Arizona.

The effect of these games is overblown. A conference’s reputation is made for the most part on the big stage. In order, these are the things that matter for a conference rep:

  1. Winning a national title
  2. Having a strong showing in the playoff
  3. Winning big, college game day type games

The ACC is a good conference right now because Clemson is good. Dukes bad loss doesn’t change that. Vanderbilts loss yesterday doesn’t impact perception of the SEC. Neither does Illinois loss with the Big10.

UCLAs big win more than offsets the four bad losses. Oregon at OSU and UW at Michigan next week will affect perception more than this weeks games.

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Clemson losing to what many on here call a mediocre Georgia makes their path to the playoff basically done. The schedule is oof. I am not sure they have another team that can make the 4. https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/acc/clemson-university/article253706618.html

Stunt on LSWho!

We’ll, everyone can still hope at this point. A 12-1 Clemson is likely still in. And ND, if they count.

Right now they play zero ranked teams. Cincinnati or one of the American schools will go undefeated and play more top 25 schools. This happening to Dabo, love to see it.

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Dude, you know it don’t work like that. If Clemson is 12-1 with their only loss coming week one against a top 10 team, they are almost surely in. The name matters.

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The name won’t matter if there are undefeated teams or one loss teams with stronger SOS. We are going to need more than them to win out and beat a weak division champ. So many conferences are going to have to be equally as bad.

The ACC is the weakest conference. Period. Even with OU and Texas leaving the ACC is weaker. Their big dog is now a paper Tiger for this season.

Edit: if they are in it will be Ohio State and two SEC schools (Georgia and Bama). That’s the only way I see them getting in. They will not leapfrog a one loss Georgia or one loss Alabama. If they are really going by name a narrative

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I think you have more faith in the committee’s ability to be unbiased than I do. The name Clemson carries a lot of weight.

Of course, unbeaten P5 teams would get in first, but I don’t think an unbeaten G5 would. In the history of the playoff, how many 1 loss P5 teams have been left out?

Finally, I’m not sure losing a close game to a top team means they are necessarily a paper tiger. We’ll see as the season advances.

With Nati, BYU, Houston and UCF joining the Big XII I am adding them to the P5 bias. I think you will see a want and need to keep 5 relevant conferences.

Why? Everything is so much easier to manage with four. Five has only ever been problematic.

Easier to manage doesn’t allow controversy. If ESPN matters as so many say, they need someone to feel snubbed to add to the discourse.