2024 MBB transfer portal

it is what it is. I would love it if Utah had a big money booster willing to put up big $$. unfortunately, it is not me.

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I wonder if Ryan Smith is going to be willing to pay several million dollars in NIL every year at byu. At some point will he lose steam buying players at byu, especially when the Jazz look like they are going to suck in perpetuity?


Going to be interesting to see how happy some of these transfers are when they are on the end of the bench. Catchings wanted out of Purdue because they would not say he would be starting—so they either told him what he wanted to hear or they recruited over earlier recruits who were probably told the same thing. In reality only 8 or 9 will get quality minutes.

But then again for $2M maybe it is OK to be happy only when you go to the bank.

Is NIL $$ paid up front/monthly/ or end of season??

At some schools the payout is quarterly. The collective at Oregon State does it this way so players don’t take the payment and then immediately transfer.

Once the profit sharing salaries start up, everything will look a little different, it seems to me. NIL will still be around, but if everyone on the team is making a good salary, you’ll have fewer players who need NIL to support family situations, IMO.

BYU had a NIL player last year who played in one game, then hit the portal for more money to help support some family members back home.

I don’t think that was the intent with NIL. The salaries should help reel in some of this kind of irrationality.


But the correct end of the horse! (The north end of a horse heading north.)


Sadly, no.


Big 12 basketball schedule

Home-and-away: Baylor, BYU, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State, West Virginia
Home-only: Arizona State, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech
Away-only: Arizona, UCF, Houston, Iowa State, TCU


Our first adventure to Allen Fieldhouse as a member of the Big 12 will have to wait.

One more transfer signee, an ex-Oregon forward.


Not really a transfer is he? Seems he’s a freshman who never enrolled at Oregon.

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He supposedly did sign with Oregon. DN’s article wasn’t clear.


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I’ve read elsewhere and Dana Altman alludes to Traore having a lot of potential, but needing development, ie, a longer term project.

The Mali pipeline has worked well for a lot of programs, with Dante at Oregon and Ballo at U of A being the apex of what that pipeline can produce.

No idea what will happen with this kid, but at least we’re back in that pipeline with Keita having gone south. (I’m glad they’re actually south of us, the literal & figurative often conveniently combine when using that phrase in regard to them :wink: ).

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Not that your main thesis is incorrect or doesn’t deserve praise, but a star for this last part.


The description of him as very athletic at the rim and a strong rebounder suggests that much like Keba, unless he is dunking the ball or tipping in an offensive rebound, he does not yet have the ability to shoot from beyond 3’.

The Utes appear to have a roster of big guys. Erickson and Teat are the only players 6’3” or smaller. A couple of 6’4” guys and several in the 6’6” - 6’10” range.

With all of the staff turnover and distractions, they have done a good job of building a roster.

I don’t expect this team to finish in the top half of the XII, but what do they need to do for Smith to keep his job? One thing that would help would be signing a couple of highly regarded recruits in the early signing period. I think if the team is in the 8-11 win area in conference he is and probably should be safe.


The reality of college basketball these days, with the new rules, is players will follow coaches and money.

Keita basically said he just followed Burgess. Thats something that wasn’t possible just a few years ago

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It’s impossible for us to know what potential he has outside the paint, but I’m glad Ezra Ausar is here to help coach him up. That kid looks like a clear upgrade from the loss of Keita.

I agree Smith seems to have done an impressive job this offseason, all things considered. I’m interested to see how this team develops.

We’re in a weird era where NIL is dominant, but TV revenue sharing hasn’t appeared, yet. Roster turnover seems to be the new reality, but salaries should help level the playing field a bit, better than where we are now.

Giving $1M-$2M of NIL money to a number of players on a team seems like a recipe for “unintended consequences”.


Idk. I think it’s simpler than that. If CS doesn’t get the Utes to the NCAA tourney, I think he’s gone.

If he holds serve with BYU this year (remember, we play them H&H this year) that will help him. But if he goes 0-2 against the Y and misses the tournament for the 4th time, I don’t think anything saves him short of having the next Cooper Flagg committed to play for the Utes in '25-26.

I can’t believe making the tournament is the line. If that were the case, they should have fired him already.


I agree with Fountain, if the Utes don’t make the tournament, I think CS will be fired.


I’d say the chances are pretty low that we get in the Big Dance this season.
Are there any coaches y’all are looking at as replacement?