2024 IIHF U18 World Championship

I always find it a head-scratcher that this event occurs during the CHL playoffs.
Nonetheless, the International Ice Hockey Federation Under-18 World Championship starts tomorrow.

Match Schedule | Standings/Bracket

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US 9-0 Slovakia Final
Kid from Boston University had a hat trick.

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Eiserman won’t make it past pick #3 in the draft. The one I am looking at is Hagens, who is going to Boston College to play with that loaded team. Would like to see him on a line with Leonard and Smith. He is the real deal for the 2025 draft.


Norway 2-8 US Final
Eiserman with a brace

Current Group Standings

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US moves on to the semifinals.
Finland and Czechia eliminated.
Kazakhstan relegated.

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UPDATE: The 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship gold medal game
TODAY 9a MT, NHL Network

US - Canada


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UPDATE: US 4-6 Canada Final

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Here is an article from The Athletic providing a new top 32 now that the U18 is done.

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For all you brand new fans of the Utah Utahs, the draft lottery will be held at 6:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, ahead of the Hurricanes-Rangers game. It will air on ESPN. The Utahs have the sixth best lottery odds for the #1 pick of 7.5%. This draft is heavy in defenseman at the top, so the Utahs should get a decent defenseman with this pick.

Here is an article from KSL about what the Utahs are looking for, which seems to be one of those top mobile defensemen.

For those new to hockey, the old school way of getting a big dude who can “clear the crease” is no longer in fashion as most teams now see the best defense is not letting the other team have the puck, which means your defensemen have to be able to skate and move in order to clear the defensive zone quickly.

Thumbs up to the author for mentioning Trevor Lewis as a potential pickup in free agency to help the penalty kill, but thumbs down for not mentioning that he grew up in Cottonwood Heights and went to play junior hockey before he enrolled at Brighton.


The changes to open up scoring and action were needed. The big concern as a fan is we are seeing more serious injuries than we used to.

I hope we somehow get the #1 pick in the lottery.


This last year, in particular, really stood out as much more high-scoring than years past. The new Utahs have some young scorers that hopefully can keep developing to 30 goal or more scorers.