2024 football schedule


Weird to me BYU is 11/9 (both come off a bye) - a miss by the conference for ‘rivalry week’, then @ CU; @ UCF to end Fri after Thanksgiving. That complicates things, even with family in FL and 2 cousins that went to UCF. Traveling that week is tough, and would have to do family, not just me. Hmm. I’ll be in Iceland for Arizona revenge match. Boohoo for me, haha.

Good schedule though. Oklahoma St. earlier (healthier?). Arizonas, then 2 of the 4 Texas schools home and away. No Tech, Baylor (well, yes, but not conference game), Kansas schools, West Virginia, Cinci this year.


Thanksgiving at Disney World. That should be nice for y’all! That’s not a bad travel schedule. Houston is a great city for a weekend as well.


I can’t imagine a worse travel schedule. Looking at this schedule makes me sick and reinforces my decision to step away.


Ditto. This is the solidification of the hard fact that we won’t be playing on the West Coast anymore. It’s pretty sickening that our westernmost games are going to be in northern Utah and Tempe. Even in the Mountain West we got games further west.


Logan - not a bad place to watch a game, and allows for a day trip.
Tempe - it was on our rotation prior to the conference change.
Boulder - again, on the schedule prior to the conference change.
Stillwater - Game in a Midwest college town. Not a great location for fun stuff to do. Wife would be a major NO.
Houston - At least the airfare doesn’t suck big time. Stadium (though recently upgraded) is kinda like going to a game in Provo. There is stuff to do other than the game. Wife would be a NO.
Orlando - Likely will be dealing with weather, but the plane ticket isn’t bad. Disney World is a MEH moment. Would be more likely to roadie up to Columbus, GA for a flashback of an earlier time. Wife might say yes as it would be justified as a wedding anniversary roadie.

The home schedule is kind of a yawner.


It is kind of a yawner, but there was a time when Utah’s home schedule could have consisted of Wyoming, UTEP, New Mexico, Colorado St., and some FCS (I-AA) team. I remember many years Utah getting just five home games.


Beating U$C and the bRuins never gets old - even when they suck!


Y’all are crazy. Houston is one of the best food cities in America. I love LA and Seattle is great but let’s be real. Adding Houston is not a bad thing:

Stillwater and Orlando seem ‘meh’ but I’d much prefer them to Provo.

The SEC cities tend to suck. So I am jealous.


It’s a fine city. But like the rest of the B12, it’s just exponentially further away and harder to get to than what 80-90% of our fans and alum are used to. The new conf is a massive blow in that sense alone.


Unless most of you are driving it’s still a flight. If you drive I get it but the Pac 12 was not a “short drive conference.” Honestly, that’s the one advantage to the SEC and the old Big 1G. Close trips. I also get wanting trips to the Bay, LA and Seattle. Much better places to visit. That said, I’d say some more flights will happen to SLC from those areas.

It’s wild how SMU is in the ACC. I somehow keep forgetting that. It’s wild how Dallas and the Bay area are the ACC now.


The Big 12 is nothing more than another dying conference that will be left out of the Big Boy games. There isn’t a single game on that schedule that is compelling. And since I don’t give a crap about byu-provo, an FCS team pretending to play with the Big Boys, it’s boring.

Beating USC got us on ESPN. Beating Baylor will not.

It’s hysterical that my graduate school, Syracuse, will have more games in California and Nevada than Utah will.


The one destination in the B12 (besides Boulder) that almost sounds interesting is Ames IA, as strange as that may be. The smallish midwest college town makes me curious and I plan to check it out at some point.

Houston might be worth a road trip once, traffic is supposed to be awful though so it may not be worth it.

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I think y’all are into sour grapes because the amount of amazing football in the Big XII that’s about to happen makes it the third (if not second) most exciting conference. The ACC is on the deathbed. Over half the Big 1G is a snooze fest.


We have a significant population embedded directly in the Pac-12 footprint. In the current Big12 footprint, not so much.

I live in Seattle and last I knew (by virtue of the local association chapter) we had upwards of 5K alum here. Portland is comparable, and SoCal and Bay area both have significantly more than us.

A large part of Utah “traveling” well within the conference is the local and driveable fans and alum. I hate to say it but there will be a pretty big drop.


That’s Houston, a vast array of great food, all found in your local strip malls.


No, it’s because it’s ■■■■■■■ stupid. We were in a geographically compact conference with interesting destinations and respectable educational institutions. Now we’re lumped in with a bunch of leftovers in far flung, ■■■■■■■■ failed states, and are expected to get excited about going all the way across the damn continent to ■■■■■■■ Florida to visit Disney for Thanksgiving? ■■■■ that. It’s a travesty for the fans and most of all it’s a travesty for the athletes, especially those who don’t play football.


It’s not.


I believe you but it’s still the only B12 destination that sounds even a tiny bit interesting.

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A little help with the schedule from 16 time NCAA champions: