2024 Football Early Signing Day Thread

It’s that time again. Some view it as Early Christmas. I am sure the coaches are in warp drive mode today with bowl prep and last minute recruiting calls. If there is one early takeaway it is we are going to sign some really big DB’s and WR’s this time.

I started this thread to welcome the new signees.


Welcome Davis Andrews and Sammie Hunter to the Utah Family. Two DB’s.

Update 8:38 am
The first WR commit David Washington signs…Welcome the the Utah Family.


So far there are no surprises. No same day commitments/Signings.

One note - Wilson hasn’t signed yet.

Wilson signed his letter last night, pictures on Twitter.


goodness Oregon seems to be going all in on NIL.

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Looks like Wilson and Dillon sent their letters in this afternoon.

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Really good day, got all those commited (no flips), could get a couple that are still deciding. Fought off lat USC surge for WR and UGA was making a late play on Isaac.

Wasn’t a volume play (still good numbers) so total ranking not as good (currently 50s), but avg ranking was good (30ish). Top third of new Big 12. Solid players that filled some areas where we need more depth and a couple nearer term impact players. Past classes should set us up well for 1st year of Big 12 play and this one should help keep the momentum going. Feels like we gained more than we lost (non-NFL category of course).